Hydraulic & Industrial Hoses

We currently carry a wide range of high quality flexible hydraulic hoses, industrial fittings, thermoplastic hoses, stainless steel flexible and corrugated hoses.
The applications of the product range from power transmission, for earth-moving machines, off-shore platforms, mining equipment, to conveyance of compressed air, water steam, food and chemical products, hydrocarbon and abrasive, oil & gas connection to furnaces, steam lines and liquid oxygen.


PU Duct Hose PVC Duct Hose PVC Reinforce Hose PVC Spring Hose
PVC Suction Hose PVC Yellow Jack Hammer Hose Twin Welding Hose Two Wire Braid Hose
(SAE 100R2AT)
One Textile Braid Hose
(SAE 100R6)
Two Polyester Braid Hose
(SAE 100 R7)
One Wire Braid - Textile Cover Hose (SAE 100 R5) One Wire Braid Hose
(SAE 100R1AT)

Hydraulic Accessories


We have wide range of hydraulic accessories, including:

  • Hydraulic filter
  • Hydraulic valves & quick couplings
  • Hydraulic tubing & tube clamps
  • Hydraulic gauges, oil level/temp indicator, flow meters